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I’ve got a new gravatar – I’m not trying to be rude by turning my back, but was just reminded that it mightn’t be safe to publish my face or anything that could identify my family. So for the public, I’m just a lady living somewhere in Australia. If you become my friend you might find out more.

Just now

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This is just my backyard Hills hoist (that’s an Australian clothesline), today. Usually it’s full of children’s things, with Mum’s hidden on the inside rows, but today was time to catch up with my own laundry before the rain starts. It’s spring here, though this picture doesn’t look it.

And it’s school holidays so I’ve got Sue home to help and kids playing outside to make the place lively.

Sunday afternoon

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I’ve just found out how to correct the date on blog posts so that they keep local time for eastern Australia. It’s late winter here, and after family visits yesterday and church this morning the cold wet weekend is almost over.

Can’t babyseeds can be the most unpredictable, contrary, mischievous, exasperating things – just like the cute bundles they grow into? They seem to take root when least expected. But when a couple most want a baby, that’s just when they won’t behave. I guess that down the ages folks have been using the most embarrassing tricks to either keep those wrigglers out, or help them to where they’ll do the most good. Tricks that often remain the most secret of family secrets. There’s a story on this theme that I hope to finish tomorrow, from the viewpoint of a young woman of my grandmother’s generation in a small country town (Australian, of course).