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Last night Glenda and I had our girls’ night out at a pub on the other side of town. This venue looked like cougar country, but we’re neither in that class yet. I catch the eye of a young hunk, tanned so that his face is darker than his blonde hair. But I start to think I might have been too daring when he comes over to join us. I give him a little smile, and we introduce each other to him the way we always do with a guy. I get more interested when I see his earnest grey eyes, and the calm firm way his hands move. Steady hands are always a turn-on for me, and I’m just imagining how he might hold a girl.

He’s surprisingly well spoken for this neighbourhood, and for a guy who wears tattoos. We say the obvious about him being a stranger around here, and he says he’s over from Adelaide for the spring races. “Don’t talk to me about the races, after what I lost on the Melbourne Cup,” I exclaim. I’ve been told I’m attractive when I pretend to be a bit shitty, wonder if it’s true.

But Glenda is the one he has his eye on, even though she holds her hands in a position where he can’t help seeing the rings on her left. “My hubby is a trucker”, she drops into the conversation. Is that a warning, the guy must be wondering? “He’s off interstate at the moment,” she adds. Is that flirting? I nudge her under the table. Anyway, the three of us joke around.

While Rick (our new mate) is off at the bar, Glenda and I exchange a look that speaks volumes. I try to talk sense to her. “Some guys will never risk getting a single girl knocked up, figuring how much they could end up paying and for how long. But they won’t have that worry with another bloke’s wife. If she has a baby, who’s to say it isn’t her old man’s?”

“Big prize to win, nothing to lose”, Glenda says as the nearest poker machine boils over and splashes out its gold.

“Yeah, but I wonder if they see it that way. Is getting a kid such a big deal for most guys? Or do they just think married women are safer and easier?” I have the uneasy feeling that she’s ready to pay the jackpot – we only have these nights out when we’re both yearning for male company, then we end up guarding each other’s virtue.

When Rick returns we somehow get talking about threesomes. I want to see his reaction to an idea. “No, no, silly. Not one guy and two gals. I mean one woman, her husband and another guy.”

“Now, that’s evil,” he says. After all, I should remember he’s younger than me.

“But, Rick, wouldn’t the situation be really intense, emotionally, for both men?” He’s thinking, or just smiling to be polite. “Specially if they know the wife might have an egg waiting.”

He might be blushing, but we can’t tell. “God, he’d want to be careful. The other bloke, I mean,” is all he can say.

“Bet you’re always careful, Rick. I mean, you don’t have any kids back in Adelaide, do you?”

Now he’s laughing again, “No way, Honey! And don’t want any, either.” He discreetly slips the Trojan packet from his top pocket and shows it like the badge of a secret society.

“I guess I’d be safe, then,” Glenda murmurs.

She holds out her hand as she looks up at him, asking demurely, “Can I see that?” He’s only too eager to hand it over for inspection, but freezes when she savagely rips it in half and tosses the rubber away across the floor.

“It’s okay Rick,” she laughs at his stunned expression. “I want to go on to another place, can you give me a lift? And see me home, of course.”

“I’d be glad to, Ma’am,” he replies gallantly.

“Cos I still trust you’ll be careful. And that’s not a promise, it’s a dare,” she ends up almost whispering.

“Well, time for me to go. I gotta pick up my kids from Mum’s place and get home,” and then I’m standing up, leaving Glenda and Rick to decide what to do with the rest of the evening.

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