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Some Sims pictures

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Here’s some pictures of my The Sims 2 characters.

Jillian came to live in our street with her grandparents, from a small country town.

Jillian is one of my favourites, she’s cheeky but also very straight and innocent. Alas, she finds life in the city is a lot trickier than she ever expected.

Last dance at the debs’ ball in our local town hall.

This pic shows what can be done with lighting and a bit of post-production colour balancing. I’d love to have a hairdo like that for a change, but where to wear it (apart from a production of Hairspray?)

Gladys arose slowly, remembering the night before.

This lady really is called Gladys, she lived in a cosy flat above her shop in my parents’ neighbourhood.

Kevin realised he was not alone

The lady in period costume is meant to be a ghost but I couldn’t quite make her transparent. Kevin is a student who lives in an old house, cheap rent because people say it’s haunted.

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