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They luxuriated in their familiar routine of kisses, he nibbled her earlobe in the way she loved, then his lips were searching greedily under her chin and down her neck. At last she unclasped her bra, and he adored each of her breasts, kissing the softest underside of each and spiralling in toward her hardening nipples. When she was ready she arched her legs to let him continue his kisses down past her opulent tummy.  She caressed his hair as he bowed his head between her thighs to kiss her lips; almost at once he felt the feverish warmth of her clitoris.  

 They were practised lovers who knew each other well, and it only needed her gentlest touch to guide his penis into her yearning warmth.  He shivered with pleasure, this moment always thrilled him almost past control. They rested, then she shifted her hips so his penis was pressing just where she wanted it. She just wanted his shaft to rub gently past her clitoris… he knew to tense up on each out stroke so his hard flesh swelled a bit, and was rewarded by her tiny gasp of appreciation.

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